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My Work


Technologist turned freelance writer, I write inspirational articles about Technology, Coding, Artificial Intelligence and a variety of other topics. 

Often, my writing is based on detailed research, careful analysis and a dose of inspiration. The outcome is a collection of multidisciplinary essays about topics of interest. Aside from the essays, I also create marketing and technology content for startup clients.

With a background in software development and statistics, I am also a mental health advocate and a champion for women in technology.

I'm currently seeking additional business and startup clients. 

My Community


I write online and offline for my writing career as well as to take part in the wonderful supportive community.

My readers are more than just readers. 

They are intrinsic in helping to inspire me in the topics that I write, give me feedbacks of where I can improve and helping me discover their truths in their writing. 

Through writing on different platforms such as Medium, WordPress and Quora, I have discovered that writing is truly a community pursuit. The lone writer's stereotype is shattered. 

My best articles come from you - the reader. 

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Join My Journey


I started to blog on my parenting website wellplayedchild.com in September 2018.

This journey took me to Medium, where  I am involved in several communities to support writers. 

From there, I manage and edit several publications that publicize inspirational content. 

This journey has been difficult at times but mostly creative, motivational and insightful. 

Along with developing a freelance writing career in news and technology writing, I love to help uplift writers on their journeys. 

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