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I am a content writer for traditional and online publications.

My articles are in these categories: Technology, Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Psychology.

My articles range from 500 words to 3000 words. They are SEO-optimized content.

I mainly publish in my own name but I will also consider ghost writing opportunities. 

Although writing is my passion, I also have a programming background in both software engineering and data science. 

Currently, I am looking for new startup clients. 

If you are a content manager, a business owner or a publication manager  who is interested in my work, connect with me using the Contact Us form on this website. 

Publications & Ebooks


I'm both an editor and an owner of several online publications:

Home Sweet Home - Parenting, Family

The Spirit Cafe - Poetry

WellPlayedChild - Parenting, Education


Currently, I'm working on a number publishing projects. You can find details of the projects on my Patreon Page. Your support for these projects are much appreciated. 

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